More on the WIRED iPad app:

More on the WIRED iPad app:
"We make up the language as we go."

It seems safe to say we're all pretty interested in the ways that apps are impacting the magazines of today, and what they might mean about the magazines of tomorrow. There's admittedly some frustration too, about how much we DON'T know yet, including more of the specifics and the nitty-gritty details we'll have to really know, and quickly. For every great, sexy user-video, there are ten times more questions about workflow, tech, staffing, and on and on. The Loud Cloud Creative Agency posted a pretty extensive interview today with WIRED's Creative Director, Scott Dadich about their new app for the June 2010 issue that at least starts to lift the veil, and probably launch a hundred more good questions. Definitely worth a read.

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  • Greg Grabowy

    Super nice interview by Josh Gorchov. Jack of all trades.

    I love the concept of having to name/brand all the new aspects of digital magazines (i.e. slug, folio, gutter) That seems like a full-time job, let alone creating a new product.

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