Newsmax: Provocative Political Conservative Cover Design

Newsmax: Provocative Political Conservative Cover Design

Newsmax is the slick monthly print magazine of Newsmax Media, the conservative political news operation that also runs the website In addition to being one of the most popular, influential, and profitable conservative news operations (with a major jones for Sarah Palin), Newsmax gathered a lot of media attention over the past month with its bid to buy Newsweek magazine. There was a lot of moaning in some media circles at the thought of a Newsmax-owned Newsweek, but there were some who actually thought the idea of a conservative newsweekly might not be such a bad thing. To get a sense of what such a newsweekly might look like, we've collected some covers from the past couple years of Newsmax. They're nicely done: they speak directly to their audience, they have attitude and a point of view. It's hard to imagine The Washington Post, Newsweek's owner, actually selling the magazine to Newsmax, but if they did, it would certainly be entertaining to watch.

(Left): March 2009. (Right): September 2009.

(Left): April 2009. (Right): January 2010.

(Left): December 2009. (Right): November 2009.

(Left): May 2010. (Right): March 2010.

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  • Nancy Stamatopoulos

    Okay, Bob, I thought you were nuts at first to think this was a good idea, but you made an excellent point! Newsweek would get the buzz AND the following if it made that "right turn." And what great debate to put Time against Newsweek on those Sunday morn news shows. (I'd read it for sure...if only to drive myself crazy with ire.)

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