More Inspiration, or....?????

More Inspiration, or....????? Our post on the similarities between a recent Seattle magazine cover and a New York magazine cover from a few years back attracted so much interest, that it got us thinking about other examples of cover design "inspiration." Then we saw the June 14, 2010 cover of Mediaweek, and thought about how much it reminded us of a cover design from Billboard, 2008.

Meanwhile, a commenter to the original post pointed us to another example of Seattle magazine being "inspired" by New York. See Seattle's 2010 cover here, and the "original" New York cover from 2009 here.

(Above): Billboard, August 23, 2008. Mediaweek, June 14, 2010.

Do you have your own examples of cover inspiration, homage, or just plain rip-off? Send them to us and we'll be glad to post them. We love inspiration and homages, especially when credit is respectfully (or playfully) given. Some of us would be in a lot of trouble if we got busted every time we were "inspired" by another piece of work!

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