More "inspired" covers

More We're taking a break from the Ready-Made controversy to present a couple more "inspired" cover designs, courtesy of Benjamen Purvis of Seattle Met magazine. On the left is Esquire, from December 2006. On the right, the August 2010 cover of Wizard magazine. After the jump, another pair of "inspired" covers.

esq-tx.jpgWe love both these covers! We figure it's just a case of great minds thinking alike. Left, Esquire, December 2006 (design director: David Curcurito). Right, Texas Monthly, May 2009 (design director: T.J. Tucker). 

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  • Wanyi Jiang

    Esquire one's most interesting. It feels like that inspired Juno.

  • rad4ever

    I did some very similar work whilst a student in 1994.

    Does that count?!

  • Alexander Flores

    "They're all great solutions, nobody owns handwriting."

    Damn! I JUST put a huge down payment on handwriting... Great corner lot too... bah! :)

    Seriously though, it's so nice when it's done well.

  • Shane Luitjens

    A big loud "Amen" to Dan Peterson because "no one owns handwriting", and a quick note that the Esquire cover, as Andrea brilliantly pointed out, is hardly precedent. While the Esquire execution may find success similar to Madonna pirating French beats in the early naughts, it isn't the originator; it's simply the popularizer. Of course, as with all Esquire work, it is well done, but to belabor the old Picasso quote: "Good Artists Copy; Great Artists Steal".

    Of course, that leads into the drama over Ready-Made, right?

  • dp_danpeterson

    Template that Mr Black!

    They're all great solutions, nobody owns handwriting.


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