NY Mag's Eat Cheap 2010: Splitsville

NY Mag's Eat Cheap 2010: Splitsville Time for another 2 covers to duke it out in the name of discount dining--this time, though, New York Magazine's competing against itself. Design Director Chris Dixon says,
We did 2 radically different covers for our Eat Cheap issue this year, out today. We loved both covers, so we did a split run. One is type, one image, so everyone in the office is happy!
Which one will you pick up?

Above, left: photography by Hannah Whitaker; right, typography by Chris Dixon, illustration by Gillian MacLeod.

  • Josh Klenert

    GQ went with multi-cover for their "134th Annual" Comedy Issue. Covers all around for Tracey Morgan, Paul Rudd and Zach Galifianakis...


  • Jeremy LaCroix

    Here is a link to T Magazines own reaction to the cover copy cats...


  • Jeremy LaCroix

    Love them both and can totally see why they ran the two.

    Forced to choose one over the other I'm going with the typographic cover. It feels more true to the content it's working to present. As a reader I know exactly what I'm going to get when I pick it up.

    Passing by the newsstand I would notice the lips however they seem so refined and *gulp* classy (yes even with noodles hanging out of them! ha!) That I wouldn't necessarily think this is a story about cheap eats, in fact at a glance I may think it's about sexy eats, no harm done I guess since I would pick that up too!

    On a related note the photo driven cover reminds me of the spring 2007 cover of T magazine. Check out this post on Kevin Allman's site with that T magazine cover and *BONUS* a Comparison to a copy cat cover by Orange County's COAST magazine!


    I digress!

    I think both of the NYMag covers are solid, fun approaches to one of my favourite magazine franchises and it would be great if we could follow up this post down the road with newsstand sales figures or percentages.

    I'd love to know which one gets more play on the stands.

  • Nancy Stamatopoulos

    I may be a type hound (LOVE that cover!) but if I put those hot lips on my coffee table, guaranteed the hubby will search for a place to take me out to dinner! May we say there's a split vote on that split cover?

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