Shoot This Magazine!

Shoot This Magazine!

Enough with the iPad for 2 minutes, Field & Stream create a different type of interactive magazine experience for its readers. With their July 2010 "Gun Nut" special, readers of the hunting and fishing monthly are encouraged not only buy... but to SHOOT their issue!

Inside the cover story readers are given a page to shoot at and the promise of a new rifle for the most creative photographs of completed targets...


Okay it may be a little more low-tech than the Wired iPad app but in terms of directly hitting your target audience (sorry couldn't help that one!) and having some fun with good old fashioned paper, it's kind of a great idea! The readers sure seem to be enjoying it too, the results and comments are well worth a look.

Art Director: Sean Johnston
Photo Director: Amy Berkley
Photographer: Dan Saelinger

  • Nancy Stamatopoulos

    I [heart] shooting targets.

  • billysorrentino

    Way to go Sean, great concept and great looking issue.

  • Julia Spangler

    This is a brilliant idea. Hooray for old fashioned interactivity! (Facilitated by the website, of course.)

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