VII Photo Agency Now Also VII Publishers

VII Photo Agency Now Also VII Publishers Bulb's Sortir du Cadre feature and A Photo Editor both carry interesting Q&As with Stephen Mayes, the managing director of VII photo agency, and Scott Thode, formerly photo editor at Fortune and now the editor of VII's new venture, an online magazine featuring the work of their photographers: VII The Magazine. VII says of the new pub...

VII The Magazine is an innovative online project that will give readers unprecedented intimate access and insight to the work of the world's leading photojournalists. The features are edited specifically for online distribution and are accompanied by intimate commentaries from the photographers themselves, recorded exclusively for VII The Magazine.

The Stephen Mayes interview is below, or at the Bulb site here:

Check out what Scott Thode shared with Rob Haggart over at A Photo Editor, including
I think in some very important ways VII The Magazine is a reaction to what has happened to our industry over the last few years. Photographers have always been seen as "suppliers" (the traditional role of editorial photographers, one or two rungs up the ladder from stationers and utilities but suppliers nonetheless) to the print world. A big question now seems to be who is left to supply and why should we remain dependent on the whims of a dinosaur industry. The question VII asked is why not become publishers and control their own destiny? Obviously the answer to that is VII The Magazine. This is a huge shift in the role of the photographers and the agency that opens up a whole new world with all the possibilities of originating and distributing.

Definitely worth a review...

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