Covering Google

Covering Google

Fortune magazine hits newsstands and debuts on the iPad with a bold question: Is Google Over? If so, what a wild ride its been since Stanford computer science grad students Larry Page and Sergey Brin began collaborating on a search engine in 1996. 

Here's a look back at a collection of magazine covers featuring Google--most playing off Ruth Kedar's colorful logo. How different these covers would have been, had they gone with their original proposed name: BackRub.

Fortune, Summer 2010; Design Director: John Korpics, Illustration: Joe Zeff.

WIRED, March 2004.

TIME, February 20, 2004; Art Director: Arthur Hochstein, Photograph: David Strick.

BusinessWeek, December 2005; Art Director: Malcolm Frouman.

FORTUNE, March 12, 2007; Design Director: Robert Newman.

--Additional reporting by Robert Newman

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