A New Look at Parenting

A New Look at Parenting Creative Director Michael Goesele tells us,
For the redesign of Parenting, the overall goal of the creative team was to design a clean and easy-to-navigate magazine for today's busy parents.
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02_SeptOctParentingCovers.pngAbove, top: August 2010; above, left: September 2010; above right: October 2010

Since early 2010, the evolutionary process has resulted in covers focusing in on the simple beauty of the parent-child bond complimented by vibrant and bold cover lines.

04_MoreFOBBOBPages.pngAbove: revamped departments from the new Parenting

Inside, departments and features have been reinvented with font and architectural changes as well as the addition of fun and eye-catching illustrations.

FEAT6-SurvivalGuide.jpgAbove: redesigned feature well stories

From architecture and font changes to the introduction of illustration, the overall design goal was to create a clean and easy-to-navigate magazine. Both visually and editorially, the book brims with information alongside an aesthetic design, custom-made for the active parent.

The Parenting creative team includes:
Creative Director: Michael Goesele
Art Director: Patrick Greenish
Designer: Shannon Mendis
Photo Editor: Andrea Ferronato
Associate Photo Editor: Diane Rice

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  • Donna Reiss

    Congratulations go out to the creative team at Parenting! You have all done an amazing job at showcasing the content in a very beautiful, clean and informative way that any parent or designer for that matter would swoon over! Looking forward to seeing more to come.

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