Cool Nerds Go Negative

Cool Nerds Go Negative Wired and Scientific American must have called each other up before class this month!

I thought this was too random to pass up. I realize many genres of magazine verticals share similar cover strategies however these two popular titles, while they do share some DNA do not generally have anything close to the same cover idea dropping on the same month.

It's uncanny! By the way, why all the bleak predictions in the middle of summer vacation people?

* extra credit * Stop by your local newsstand and check out the Wired cover in person, there is a deliciously subtle deterioration/pixelization effecting the type that has to be seen to be appreciated.

Check out this other random newstand pairing from last year featuring Wired and Wallpaper. Includes a bonus mash up with NYMag!

If that's not enough here is another featuring PC World vs. Macworld.
  • Jeremy LaCroix

    I agree Grant, the September Issue of Wired (platform agnostic) is wicked awesome.

    Speaking of wicked awesome, everyone should be on the look out for even more awesomeness over the next few months as fourth quarter advertising budgets open up and facilitate great magazine making (second only to great lovemaking!)

    It brings a smile to my face to see publications flush with advertising, September's GQ was the thickest issue I've seen in a while and Real Simple is looking "PHAT" err wait actually I meant FAT, in a good way!

  • Josh Klenert

    Thanks Grant. Check out the WIRED ipad post, just updated with background from Scott Dadich.

  • Grant Glas

    Jeremy and Josh your two posts have the new Wired issue as overlapping shout-outs. I'd like to say how incredibly brilliant the new Wired issue is.

    Design and content are first-class. I thought the cover story was excellent along with the layout. I went out and bought three print issues and the iPad version. Now when my clients ask "what is an app?" I hand them this article.

    Scott and Chris bravo.

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