Web Fonts Take The Next Step

Web Fonts Take The Next Step The Roger Black empire grows by one more company: going live today is Webtype--a partnership with The Font Bureau, AscenderPetr van Blokland, and DevBridge.

This new company's goal is to provide quality typography for websites. In the past, for live, searchable, dynamic type websites were limited to the basics (Georgia, Arial, etc.). Otherwise, Photoshop graphics were needed to be cut to add a bit of unique type flavor. 

Webtype is the next step forward in this much needed movement towards "real fonts" on the web. Make sure to read the fine print (monthly subscription) and know what browsers your sites users use as some browsers (desktop and mobile) do not support this new technology. 

Overall, there's fewer reason now for your publication to use the same great fonts in print and online. 

For more on web fonts, check out these links:
   - FontFonter by FontShop (courtesy Erik Spooner)
   - Typekit
   - Web Fonts by Fonts.com
   - Google Font API and the Google font directory
   - Audio from the Web Fonts Panel at TypeCon 2009
  • Josh Klenert

    The Hollywood Reporter just relaunched their more-bloggy looking site, THR.com, using webfonts for Vonness Bold Compressed--which I'm guessing ties into their upcoming print redesign. Great to see more publications using this new tech to tie together the print and digital platforms.

  • Josh Klenert

    A good look at how web fonts could be used for your publications sites, or better yet: your own.


  • Josh Klenert

    Their FontFonter tool where you can do a live font-switch on any web site is amazing! Adding to the above list. Thanks for the link.

  • Erik Spooner

    It's also worth mentioning that FontShop's FontFonts have been rolling out for web use as well under the WebFontFont label... Though they are sure pricey!

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