It's only rock and roll...

It's only rock and roll... Whether New York Magazine's Facebook cover was inspired by The Rolling Stones album art from "Black and Blue" or not, the parallels are there.

Like Facebook's call to connectivity, the Rolling Stones' 1975 recording sessions was a social networking scene of guitarists trying to fill the void after Mick Taylor had mysteriously de-friended the band. Billy Preston, Harvey Mandel, Wayne Perkins, and it's said maybe even Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton played on this eclectic record, a mash-up of styles with a groovy groove but no defined direction.

It's only Facebook but I like it.

[New York Magazine photographed by Jeff Minton; The Rolling Stones photographed by Hiro, album designed by Bea Feitler.]

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  • Jeremy LaCroix

    Eagle Eyes!

    That's the coolest catch I've seen in a long while.

    Who does the deadpan stare better ... Eisenberg or Jagger?

    I have to give it to Jagger, he's looking right through me.

    Is he depressed or stoned? I can't tell.

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