Pub 45: Competition Credits

Pub 45: Competition Credits

The SPD Annual Judging Weekend is a tremendous event bringing together the most experienced and admired creatives working with editorial content today, challenging them to sift through thousands of entries in just a few days to find the best of the best you see featured in this book. In order to accomplish so much, in such a short time, requires the outstanding effort of so many--once again, however, SPD is blessed to have outstanding support from many, and they make it look easy. Debra Bishop, Creative Director, More, and Casey Tierney, Photo Director, Real Simple, (Co-Chairs), Jeremy LaCroix, Creative Director, CBS Interactive (Online Chair), Bruce Ramsay (Magazine of the Year Chair), and Nancy Stamatopoulos (Competition Coordinator) extend an enormous thank-you on behalf of SPD to all the judges and volunteers for their support in making the judging happen this year during a very wintry weekend in January at FIT.

Many thanks also to:
Mary Oleniczak, Anne Elmer and the staff in the FIT Facilities Office

Glenn Glasser and his team for documenting the judging weekend in still and video (and the candy!), and delighting us all with the portraits at the Gala as well

Tom Wagner for event production of the Gala
Claudia de Almeida, Stacey Baker, Natasha Lunn, Leonor Mamanna, Genevieve Monsma, Faith Stafford and the More art and photo teams

Lindsay Rogers, Lauren Epstein, Susan Getzendanner, Brian Madigan and Ryan Mesina.

Michael Ash, Kenji Aoki and Natasha Tibbott.

Kate Berry and Naomi de Manana
David Rhodes, Jacqueline Hoffner and Richard Wilde of SVA, for providing free summer housing for the winners of the SPD Student Competition

Amy Redell of Adobe
For invaluable help and support throughout the year, Lucy Killian, Mike Ley and of course, Keisha Dean.

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