Pub 45: Spots

Pub 45: Spots

Chair Matthew Lenning led the 23rd Annual SPOTS competition, championing the little illustrations that say so much. From hundreds of entries, the judges selected a class of illustrations that do an excellent job of amplifying the editorial message, from a wide spectrum of publications. Winners are featured in a visual index here, and celebrated more extensively in a very limited-edition book published biannually, The SPOTS Book, showcasing both the illustrations and smaller versions of the original editorial pages that featured the work.

Special thanks to this year's judges:
Gail Anderson, Creative Director, Design, Spot Co.
Ken DeLago, Design Director, Golf Digest
John Gall, Art Director, Random House
Kory Kennedy, Design Director, Runner's World
Aviva Michaelov, Art Director, Op-Ed Page, The New York Times
Yuko Shimizu, Illustrator
Sarah Vinas, Managing Art Director, Glamour
Robert Zimmerman, and

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