Pub 45: Student Competition

Pub 45: Student Competition

THE STUDENT COMPETITION & THE ADOBE SCHOLARSHIP IN HONOR OF B.W. HONEYCUTT - Established in 1995, this competition honors the life and work of B.W. Honeycutt. It recognizes exceptional design by students with awards and three cash prizes: the Adobe Scholarship in Honor of B.W. Honeycutt, the first-place prize of $2500; second-place prize of $1000; and a third-place prize of $500. The top winners also received summer internships magazines in New York City. Chaired by Ian Doherty, Art Director at Food Network Magazine, this juried competition acknowledges the student designer and the teachers who develop their unique talents.
In recognizing the promise of each student, Adobe affirms the creative possibilities inherent in the individual. Throughout its partnership with SPD, Adobe is helping shape the next generation of creative professionals. Together we are building the groundwork that will sustain and further artistic accomplishments within the editorial design community.

Special thanks to the judges:
Kristin Fitzpatrick, Design Director, Marie Claire
Chris Hercik, Creative Director, Sports Illustrated
Joe Hutchinson, Art Director, Rolling Stone
Tim Leong, Art Director, WIRED
Michael McCormick, Design Director, Philadelphia Magazine
The Society thanks our partner, Adobe Systems, Inc. for their ongoing support with this project.

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