Stranded Instant Magazine Project

Stranded Instant Magazine Project

When Andrew Losowsky of Magtastic Blogsplosion was stuck in Dublin during the Iceland volcano crisis earlier this spring, he decided to use the situation to produce an instant magazine, using stories and images from fellow stranded travelers. The result is Stranded, a cool, one-shot magazine printed by Magcloud, and now available for sale.

Designed by Matt McArthur of CMYK Design (from Edinburgh, who was stuck in NYC), Stranded is 88 pages, perfect bound, filled with smart, original visuals, photos, graphics and typography.

You can see the whole magazine in small form here, but better yet, buy a copy and support this very unique and original project. SPD talked with Andrew Losowsky, who gave us some background on how Stranded was produced. On the following page you can see some nifty inside pages from the magazine as well.


Andrew Losowsky: I found myself stranded with my wife in Dublin, shortly after our wedding, trying to get home to the USA. The project came about from a desire to try and understand what was happening to me, and to thousands of others like me around the world, stuck in situations we didn't expect, far from home, without any idea how long we'd be there.


Andrew Losowsky: I posted it on my blog on April 20th, and within a few hours, it had been picked up by various media outlets, including Kottke and BoingBoing online, and the BBC World Service radio. When I had the idea, I soon realized that I wouldn't have much time to get everything in place. As it happened, 24 hours later, flights started to resume. I spent most of the time in Dublin in internet cafes, trying to get commissions out to people as fast as I could before they disappeared home!


Andrew Losowsky: Some people fulfilled their briefs, others didn't--I left some of the unanswered commissions in the magazine, to give the reader a hint of the disruption, uncertainty and spontaneous plan-changes that everyone was reacting to at the time. As for the design, one of the best pieces I'd received was an illustration of a demonic ash cloud diety by an Edinburgh-based designed, Matt McArthur, who had been stuck in New York. He also had a highly-polished portfolio of design work, and so I invited him to art direct the entire project. We worked on it remotely, on either side of the Atlantic, in our spare time, and the whole process went very smoothly. We've still never spoken to each other through any medium other than email. At some point, when I'm back in the UK, I look forward to actually meeting him.

Matt McArthur: At CMYK we produce a magazine called Scotland Outdoors where most of the production is carried out via a set of shared dropbox folders with supporting email communication. So this method of working was familiar to me. It really hinges on the client being quite design literate, which Andrew was. At times it was frustrating trying to make headway on Stranded while busily working for paying clients, but I'm very pleased with the results.


Andrew Losowsky: The 88-page magazine was created by the two of us over a four-month period. Contributers included, we all worked for free. The mag is now on sale via print-on-demand service MagCloud, which means no need for any cash to pay for printing, and the quality of their digital printing is really outstanding. A digital edition will be on sale via the Zinio platform within two weeks.


Andrew Losowsky: All proceeds from the sale of both editions go directly to The International Rescue Committee, a fantastic non-profit who help people stranded in a more permanent way.

Stranded is on sale at MagCloud.

Andrew Losowsky's wonderful, informative, and very cool blog, Magtastic Blogsplosion.

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