LA LOVE: Highlights from Unsung Heroes 2

LA LOVE: Highlights from Unsung Heroes 2

It's hard to believe, but just a week ago we were in Los Angeles for the second SPDWest Speakeasy of the year, meeting and reconnecting with over 100 extraordinary creatives working in the LA area. Thanks to the tremendous efforts of three superstars in Charlie Hess, Carol LeFlufy and Lisa Thackaberry, our great friends at Smashbox hosted us once again on their fabulous Stage 2, and City Kitchen hooked us up with delicious treats to go with our cocktails. With a little help from the delightful Betsy Winchell (not only a fantastic photographer, ladies and gentlemen, but whip-smart on the AV, thank god), we were ready to meet the Unsung Heroes of the night. A little sample of their work and some photos after the jump...

(image above courtesy of Juxtapoz)

First up was Bryce Duffy, presented by WIRED Photo Director Zana Woods. Bryce talks a little more about the music for his video on his blog here...

Former Dwell and Mother Jones Photo Editor-turned-rep Maren Levinson, founder of Redeye Reps, introduced us to photographer Zen Sekizawa.

Charlie Holland
brought us LA legend Gary Leonard, who has documented LA as "Our Town" for more than 30 years, and has a very cool LA institution in Take My Picture Gary Leonard.

Charlie Hess presented the photographer (and actor -- it's LA, people) Michael Tighe, and his amazing story of beginning as a celebrity shooter when he was just a teenager. (The original Teenage Paparazzo?)

Joseph Shuldiner, artist and Art Director, introduced us to Rocky Schenck.

UNSUNG1.jpgFeatured above left to right: Carol LeFlufy, Gary Leonard, Zen Sekizawa, Bryce Duffy, Maren Levinson, Rocky Schenck, Joseph Shuldiner, Charlie Holland, Michael Tighe, Lisa Thackaberry, Charlie Hess, and Zana Woods.

UNSUNG2.jpgAbove: Making the glamour shots happen...

Thanks to Alicia Patel for our shots of the night, to Carol, Lisa and Charlie for your amazing enthusiasm for making this happen, and all our Unsung Heroes, their presenters, and our guests. You made it easy to want to do it again soon!

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