Our Favorite Halloween Covers from The New Yorker

Our Favorite Halloween Covers from The New Yorker We love The New Yorker's annual Halloween covers. From Hitler as a flying witch in the 1940s to post-9/11 city kids trick or treating as firefighters and police, the covers have been funny, pointed, scary, and always beautiful. We collected 19 of our favorites to get you ready for your neighborhood ghouls and goblins.

(Above): November 1, 2010, illustration by Ivan Brunetti.

New Yorker Halloween2.jpg(Left to right): October 29, 2001, illustration by Peter de Seve; October 27, 1962, illustration by Abe Birnbaum; November 6, 2000, illustration by Owen Smith.

New Yorker Halloween4.jpg(Left to right): November 1, 1993, illustration by Charles Burns; November 2, 1992, illustration by Robert Risko; October 29, 2007, illustration by Richard McGuire.

New Yorker Halloween6.jpg(Left to right): October 31, 1942, illustration by Rea Irvin; November 1, 1999, illustration by Harry Bliss; October 28, 1961, illustration by Anatol Kovarsky.

New Yorker Halloween3.jpg(Left to right): October 30, 1965, illustration by Laura Jean Allen; November 3, 2003, illustration by Ian Falconer; November 4, 2002, illustration by Gahan Wilson.

New Yorker Halloween1.jpg
(Left to right): October 30, 2006, illustration by Ian Falconer; November 1, 1958, illustration by William Steig; November 2, 1957, illustration by Abe Birnbaum.

New Yorker Halloween5.jpg(Left to right): November 3, 1975, illustration by Eugene Mihaesco; November 2, 2009, illustration by Chris Ware; October 31, 1959, illustration by William Steig.

See this entire group of New Yorker covers in nifty gallery format here.

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