Night of 1000 Covers

Night of 1000 Covers Congratulations to Time art director Arthur Hochstein for an amazing presentation last night at the SPD Speakeasy. Arthur enchanted a lively crowd with stories and pictures of Time covers past and present, as well as some goodies that never made it to publication. One of the highlights was Arthur and collaborator/illustrator Matt Mahurin discussing their famous/infamous work on the 1994 Time O.J. Simpson cover, "An American Tragedy." This was a great evening of learning and sharing of magazine-making knowledge. Thanks to Arthur and Matt for creating such a wonderful event.

And don't miss the next SPD Speakeasy with photographer Albert Watson on Tuesday, November 2!

(Above): Arthur Hochstein, Matt Mahurin, and the Time O.J. Simpson cover. Photograph by Josh Klenert.

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