Portugal's i Newspaper

Portugal's i Newspaper A few weeks ago I gave a talk at the Society of News Design conference in Denver about the increasing confluence between newspaper and weekly magazine design. One newspaper that has a brilliant, magazine-like format and design is Portugal's i, a daily launched in May 2009. The initial design was by Javier Errea and Innovation Media Consulting; the current creative director is Nick Mrozowski, an American who previously worked as a designer for the Virginian-Pilot newspaper in Norfolk, Virginia, and at Link, the paper's free alternative daily. i is designed with a magazine format, bold feature spreads, lots of illustration (even on the front page), and bright, innovative, engaging graphics. It's a smart, original, and creative newspaper, filled with visual inspiration. And best of all, i is not afraid to make visual statements, to excite and provoke with its design, graphics, and images. This is a publication that engages its readers every day in a strong, visual conversation.

i paper.jpg

(Left): A tribute to the famous Portuguese writer Jose Saramago. Illustration by Kyle Webster. (Right): The president of Portugal, Cavaco Silva, is in the center.

i paper2.jpg

Two covers that show i's flexible grid.


A spread from i's news section, called Zoom.


A spread from the Zoom news section.

Opening spread from the Zoom news section.

Feature spread i.jpg

Inside spread from Index, i's weekly magazine. This is a follow spread of type.


The cover of Index, i's weekly magazine. The story is about the head of Portugal's first pornographic TV channel. Illustration by Tiago Albuquerque. According to Nick Mrozowski, "yes, you can see naughty parts, and nobody complained. In fact, we even received compliments."

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  • KaLeoWill

    I'd love to work for a paper like this.

  • colw

    Does anyone know the fonts that 'i' have been using?

  • PaulDot

    Very weirdly, it's Helvetica and ITC Garamond.

  • Jeremy LaCroix

    Amazing work!

    I am truly inspired by the creativity, especially considering the frequency.

    That index page IS the bastard stepchild of Hugh Hefner and Picasso!


    It's hard to imagine any publisher (sans porn pubs) in the US green-lighting such a provocative illustration.

  • Martin Gee

    I absolutely adore this newspaper and cherish the few copies I have. This is the epitome of what Robert Newman explained in his presentation to make newspapers great everyday. Whether you're at a daily, weekly or monthly, i is truly inspiring.

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