Pub 46 Co-Chairs Announced!

Pub 46 Co-Chairs Announced! It is both an honor and fortunate privilege to introduce the dynamic duo that is our very own Vice President, Andrea Dunham (Design Director of People), and Advisory Board Member, Brandon Kavulla (Design Director of Men's Health), as the 2010-2011 co-chairs for Pub 46.

Pub 46 will recognize the very best publication design, illustration, and photography of 2010. Entries will be judged in January 2011, and winners will be recognized at the annual SPD Gala, held in New York City this coming May.

Now let's be serious: time to get your interns to work! Why wait until the last minute to send in your entries? Get a head start and download the entry forms here. We are accepting entries starting today!

More details to come in the next few weeks, including our exceptional Pub 46 jury, so stay tuned to

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