I. FREAKING. LOVE. HALLOWEEN Anyone who knows me pretty well is well aware of several of my obsessions: barbecue, wine, fighting, Van Halen...yadda yadda...just to name a few. Also in that list of obsessions (addictions?) would be...
1) Halloween--not at all strange to come in to my office this time of year hearing the theme to John Carpenter's Halloween on a constant loop. Dry ice has made an appearance in my office...and home...several times. As I type this, 4 inches from my keyboard is a gold metallic candle in the shape of a skull that someone (who rules) gave me as a gift a few days ago.

2) Horror Movies--This was kind of by accident as I realized not long ago how many I've seen. (Especially werewolf movies for some reason...)

3) Still photography. Hands down, probably my favorite part of my job is sitting with my team and amazing photographers, and coming up with concept photography.
So I was pretty damn tickled when we had the opportunity at Men's Health to have Christopher Griffith shoot some Halloween-y stuff for various pages of our current issue. Wanted to share them all with you. (Big kudos to photo goddess here Jeanne Graves who was there all day with mad scientist Griffith. Apparently there was fake blood everywhere because she came back looking like Carrie...but with sunglasses on and holding a cup of coffee)

(Chris actually did a version of the chainsaw with blood...and hair...on it. Sick bastard.)


Happy Halloween ya'll.
And it's cool if you need to leave the light on tonight.

  • Emily Smith

    Gold metallic + candle + skull = could. not. be. happier. This is perfect.

  • Andrea Dunham

    this too, made me crap my pants.

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