Why We Love Albert Watson, Pt. 1

Why We Love Albert Watson, Pt. 1 Because he photographed the preview issue cover of Vibe, featuring Treach of Naughty by Nature, and then did the first official issue cover after that (Snoop Dogg).

Do not miss the upcoming SPD Speakeasy on November 2, featuring Laurie Kratochvil in conversation with Albert Watson talking about his new book, Strip Search, and many more details of his career as an iconic magazine and fashion photographer.

(Above): Treach, from the Vibe preview issue cover. Design director: Gary Koepke, photo director: George Pitts.

  • Robert Newman

    Oops. Well, he shot a lot more, including Puffy and the 10th(?) anniversary set of multiple covers.

  • Brandon Kavulla

    *cough*...uh....Wesley Snipes was shot by Dan Winters...*cough*.

    (better change that before Dan finds you...)

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