Type Directors Club: An Evening With Veer Type

Type Directors Club: An Evening With Veer Type The Type Directors Club will be celebrating Veer Type with a show and presentation on Thursday, December 2, from 6-8p, at 347 W. 36th St., Suite 603.

More Than a Pretty Face features a look at Veer's typography and promotional projects, including merchandise, posters, interactive displays, animations, and type specimens. Veer's Head of Type, Joe Newton will give a presentation at the opening of the show that will look at  the type-focused work from the Veer creative team. There will be lots of background on how they create their cool award-winning promotional work, as well as plenty of typographic details for type geeks.

On the next page we've got some Veer Type promotional samples and merchandise.

(Above): Veer promotional sample using the font Eloquent Pro.

Veer_Phaeton.gifPromotional sample using Veer typeface Phaeton.

Veer_zipUp_kern.gifKern sweatshirt

Veer_Helv_Mug.jpgHelvetica mug

Veer_Backstory_butcher.gifA promotional poster using a batch of Veer fonts.

You can see a nifty animation for the Veer typeface Brownstone here.

And more animated Veer fonts here.

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