Herb Ritts' "Eona Holding Zebra Skull" from Africa

Herb Ritts' In 1993, Herb Ritts traveled to east Africa, to photograph the Masai people, animals and landscape there. Working with him on the "Africa" book that was a product of his travels was a wonderful experience. I think Herb was proud of being able to produce images of people and nature that had nothing to do with Hollywood.... Yet the style and elegance of a Ritts photograph came through.

From a 1999 interview with Herb when his work, including his work from Africa, was being presented by the Foundation Cartier in France, sent to us by the Herb Ritts Foundation:
I loved doing the Africa book. It was a place I had always wanted to venture to. I was so taken that I went back six months later and just took pictures. I loved working with only what was in front of me, as it came along. It's a matter of composing with your eye what's going on in front of you, bringing what you've learned into the moment you're in.

Q: Are you ever surprised by your photographs, surprised by your subconscious? In Africa, for instance, it happened quite a lot that you took a photograph you were not expecting. Did you project things you weren't planning to?

Sometimes you have an innate sense of what's in front of you. You can feel you have wandered upon a person with a special energy, or a place somehow charged, even a particular rock that's strange or graphic. So sometimes I am surprised, but I think the surprise in the moment is the true magic of the medium.

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