Inspired: God and The Web

Inspired: God and The Web In the latest titillating issue of WIRED (November 2010), Design Director Wyatt Mitchell shares the inspiration behind their "The Web is dead" cover:

[The WIRED cover] was inspired by the April 8, 1966, Time, which famously asked, Is God Dead? "The idea was to take that general architecture and make it WIRED," design director Wyatt Mitchell says.

They go on to share how they got that vibrant neon background: Two hits of ink (90% PMS 811 and 10% PMS 805).

TIME, April 8, 1966: "Is God Dead?"

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  • Mike Solita

    I'd like to thank Wired for all the creepy looks I'm getting on the subway while reading this issue. How ... best ... to ... fold ... back ... cover ...

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