2010 Rewind: Vote for Your Favorite Cover of the Day

2010 Rewind: Vote for Your Favorite Cover of the Day This year we started a new feature on Grids, the Cover of the Day. In honor of the coming new year, and looking forward to hundreds of new, exciting, challenging covers to share with you in 2011, we're asking you to vote for your own favorite Cover of the Day from 2010. And we're already taking it to 11 for you to choose from:
Vote here for your favorite cover from some of this year's most commented-on selections... 

See the original posts with the covers and credits here:

Seattle Weekly, The Repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell

W, The Art Issue

Architectural Record, Zaha Goes to Rome

Bloomberg Businessweek, Best Merger Ever

More, Jane Lynch

Audubon, The BP Gulf Oil Spill

Little White Lies, TRON

The New Republic, The Year We Were Exposed

Boston Globe G Section, The Music Gift Guide

ESPN, The Body Issue

Billboard, Maximum Exposure

  • graphiko

    I agree with Chris. It's a nice concept, but a bit heavy-handed in execution. But there are others in the matrix that I feel have equally compelling concepts and dead-on execution. I love the Architectural Record, the Boston Globe Gift Guide and the Audubon covers esp. The New Republic cover is quite provocative, but wasn't there a Threadless T-shirt design with essentially the same imagery? Which came first?

  • Chris Skiles

    Maybe I'm a bit out of line here, but not understanding this overwhelming love for the Seattle Weekly cover. Although I LOVE the concept, I think the execution is a bit weak. I personally think it could have looked a little more convincing with a bit more time spent in Photoshop... but maybe that's just me.

    But these are all great. I'm especially drawn towards that killer "Little White Lies" illustration. Super cool.

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