Heed the Call

Heed the Call Having buried my desk in old yellow newsprint, scraped toner, paper fiber dust and done my best to make 2 color printers here feel like old whipped mules in the process: Download the official call for entries for Pub 46. (And bring your A-game!)

  • Neil Jamieson

    this call for entries is GREAT, just taped it up in on my wall to get me all charged up to start ungluing some bindings! I'm getting my entries in before christmas to make sure I avoid the late fee

  • Jeremy LaCroix

    Now I know what my team and I will be doing next week!

    I'm going to get my entries in early so there's no stress involved. In fact I convinced the edit team I work with to stop publishing content for the whole week so we could focus on our entries!

    Yeah Right!

    Seriously... spread the word to your teams and get your entries in early. Don't forget your digital friends as well. This is the year digital blows up with new streamlined categories!

    Good Luck and may the best win!

    — Oh yeah, I dig'n on the poster too Brandon, simple, bold, beauty!

  • Nathalie Kirsheh

    I LOVE THIS CALL FOR ENTRIES!!!! I couldn't help but hear the theme song from Rocky in my head as I was reading through it... it got me so pumped! Right on Brandon!!

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