How Magazines are Really Made

How Magazines are Really Made I'm guessing many of you may have already seen this insider infographical gem from Andrew Losowsky of Stack America, who cooked it up along with the art team at Bloomberg
. Still we just couldn't resist sharing this healthy dose of cynical fun with our audience on the off chance you missed it.

Besides it's spot on, funny as hell and who couldn't use a laugh about now?

If you're in the business already, much will ring true and if you're a student pay close attention as this revealing information can save you months of trying to figure out the complex internal politics of editorial design and magazine making.

For a little more behind the scenes of what motivated Richard Turley and his crew at Bloomberg Business Week, Rob and Kenton to create such a pointed synopsis of our beloved craft and industry you can read this quick interview over at Eye Magazine.

Larger versions of the file can be found at the following links:

Click here to view it as a JPEG in its glorious entirety

Click here for a PDF version

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  • Novandito

    Hahaha... Cool!!! I let all my colleagues read this, and we laughed together!!!

  • Nicole Zigmont

    Very entertained by this.

  • Robert Newman

    Thanks Jeremy. This is hilarious. I only hope that the team that puts this together does something else like this, and soon.

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