Second Annual Best Xmas Magazine Covers, Part 2

Second Annual Best Xmas Magazine Covers, Part 2 Here's our second batch of fabulous Xmas magazine covers. See the first part here.

Special thanks to David Keeps, Stephen Kroninger, and Linda Rubes for their help in compiling these covers.

(Above): Social, December 1928.

2008_12_22_NYER.jpgThe New Yorker, December 14, 2006. Illustration by Bob Staake.

WhenMagsRuled_06_NatlLampoonLG copy.jpgNational Lampoon, December 1974.

Tv Guide Searle.jpgTV Guide, 1960s. Illustration by Ronald Searle.

1940_12_VOGUE_Gifts_myvintagevogue.jpgBritish Vogue, December 1940.

dec68.jpgLeatherneck, "Magazine of the Marines," December 1968.

rocherdevo via SK.jpgNew York Rocker, late 70s-early 80s.

2006_12_14_RS_Snoop.jpgRolling Stone, December 14, 2006. Art director: Amid Capeci, photographer: Matthew Rolston.

The Newmanology page on Facebook will be posting a classic Xmas magazine cover every day during the month of December. See the ongoing collection here.

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  • James Slate

    My all-time favorite Christmas cover has to be the famous George Lois/Sonny Liston cover for Esquire.

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