A Recipe for Hotcake-Selling Magazine Apps

A Recipe for Hotcake-Selling Magazine Apps Joe Zeff Design has a smart new post on how magazines can start selling their iPad apps "like hotcakes." They argue for reinvention of the product, and point to the new O Magazine Sketchbook App for iPad as an example. And they also argue convincingly that publishers should be targeting the youth audience as an area of big growth. Their final words: "It is not enough to redesign. It is imperative that we reinvent."

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  • Grant Glas

    Thanks for the post Robert!

    Joe Zeff touches on a great point: "create something new instead of redesigning something old." We are doing exactly that at my company Invisions Technical Arts. My team is currently reformatting an entire magazine (Indianapolis Dine)... here's the catch.

    Indianapolis Dine stopped production on their magazine in 2009. Yet they have 8 years worth of content. We are taking each amazing feature article and turning them into tiny cookbook apps. So far we have created 8 apps that vary in price from free - 2.99. It's been a huge success!

    Instead of packaging the content as a full magazine we separated and reformatted. We are reaching new audiences by creating new products. Joe also mentioned, WoodWing's Digital Magazine Tools... We've been using something a lot more price effective called "App Press" www.myappress.com

    Think of all the publishers out there with boat loads of stories and photos sitting on a shelf collecting dust... Time to convert that content into something meaningful.

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