Happy Birthday Ronald Reagan!

Happy Birthday Ronald Reagan!
February 6 marks the 100th birthday of President Ronald Reagan. Thanks to the combined efforts of the Newmanology Facebook page and the Stephen Kroninger Drawger page, we've collected a batch of classic Reagan publication covers, posters, and illustrations from the 1980s. These feature the talents of Gary Panter, Sue Coe, Anita Kunz, Ralph Steadman, Julian Allen, Robert Grossman, and more, as well as art directors Roger Black, Louise Kollenbaum, and the Gran Fury design collective.

(Above): The Progressive, April 1982. Illustration by Steve Brodner, art director: Patrick Jb Flynn.

New Statesman.jpg
New Statesman, September 5, 1980. Illustration by Ralph Steadman.

Screen shot 2011-01-16 at 1.16.18 AM.png
Mother Jones, October 1984. Illustration by Robert Grossman, art director: Louise Kollenbaum.

New York, October 27, 1980. Illustration by Julian Allen, art director: Roger Black.

Poster by Robbie Conal, 1987.

AIDSGATE poster, 1987, designed by Gran Fury as part of the ACT-UP Silence = Death campaign.

Illustration by Sue Coe from an issue of RAW magazine, 1981.

Illustration by Anita Kunz, 1987.

Reagan 11-84 The Rocket copy.jpg
The Rocket, November 1984. Illustration by Carl Smool, art director: Robert Newman.

Illustration by Stephen Kroninger.

Illustration by Gary Panter, from Mother Jones, October 1984. Art director: Louise Kollenbaum.

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