Hollands Diep: Art Director Jaap Biemans

Hollands Diep: Art Director Jaap Biemans Hollands Diep is the Vanity Fair of the Netherlands. Jaap Biemans has been the art director there since April 2009. The busy Biemans is also the art director of weekly magazine Intermediair, and produces the wonderfully obsessive magazine cover website Coverjunkie.com. Hollands Diep is published every two months, and features a mix of photographs picked up from American glossies, as well as the photography of some of the best Dutch talent. The distinctive logo treatment and the original overall design of the magazine was created by Dutch designer Loes Koomen, when the magazine launched in 2007.

(Above): May 2010. Photograph by Mark Lidell.

HDmarch2010.jpgMarch 2010. Photograph by Blommers & Schumm.

HDnovember2010.jpgNovember/December 2010.

HDjuly.jpgJuly 2010. Photograph by Norman Jean Roy.

HDdecember2009.jpgDecember 2009. Photograph by Martin Dijkstra.

HDdecember2010a.jpgDecember 2010. Photograph by Neil Wilder.

spread_1.jpgPhotograph by Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin.

spread3.jpgPhotograph by Nadv Kander.

spread_4.jpgPhotograph by Sanja Marusic.

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