The Top Alternative Newsweekly Covers of 2010: 10 Runner-Ups

The Top Alternative Newsweekly Covers of 2010: 10 Runner-Ups Earlier this week we published our list of the Top 10 Alternative Newsweekly Covers of 2010. There were so many good covers from 2010, though, that we decided to add this list of 10 runner-ups. Here's another batch of relentlessly creative, original, and provocative cover designs from across the country (listed in alphabetical order).

(Above): Baltimore City Paper, December 1, 2010. Art director: Joe MacLeod, cut-paper art: Annie Howe.

City Pages Melinda Beck.jpg
City Pages, July 14, 2010. Art director: Nick Vlcek, illustration: Melinda Beck.

Houston Press.jpg
Houston Press, November 25, 2010. Art director: Monica Fuentes, illustration: Jesse Lenz.

10 Maui Time 3D.jpgMauiTime, April 22, 2010. Art director: Chris Skiles, illustration: Brad Parker.

Miami New Times, December 3, 2010. Art director: Pam Shavalier, photograph: Michael McElroy.

Riverfront Times, April 15, 2010. Art director: Tom Carlson, illustration: Patrick Faricy.

Stranger Tao.jpg
The Stranger, September 23, 2010. Art director: Aaron Huffman, photograph: Noah Kalina. This cover is a parody of a Time magazine cover featuring novelist Jonathan Franzen that was published a week earlier.

1214Cover_Palin(AnonymousReader).jpgWeekly Dig (Boston), April 4, 2010. Art director: Tak Toyoshima, illustration: Anonymous. This cover illustration was the winner of a reader contest to create a poster/protest sign for a Sarah Palin visit to Boston. Copies of the paper were made available at the event for protestors to carry.

Westword 1.28.10.jpg
Westword, January 28, 2010. Art director: Jay Vollmar, illustration: Jay Vollmar. This is an homage to the famous Endless Summer surfing movie poster.

Westword 12-23-10.jpg
Westword, December 23, 2010. Art director: Jay Vollmar, illustration: Alvaro Diaz-Rubio.

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