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Wow =

Did you know that on January 7th, Charles Addams was born, as well as one Mister Nicolas Cage? Or that January 6th was the date that Nancy Kerrigan got clubbed on the knee by Tonya Harding? Let renowned designer Roberto de Vicq de Cumptich (born November 11th) supply you with all of the fun facts and useless trivia you'll need to dazzle friends at cocktail parties in 2011 with amazing Type Calendar ("A type a day keeps the doctor away"). Roberto's challenge: to create one clever digit design a day that ties in to historical events--and keeps us coming back for more. I think he's got that coming-back-for-more thing covered. Wow.

'I just wanted to play with type and try to find some synchronicity of events for each specific day,' says Roberto. 'For instance, January 8th is the birthday of Elvis Presley, Davis Bowie and Robby Krieger (guitar player for the Doors, and creator of Light my Fire and Touch Me). It's also the birthday of St. Maximilian Kolbe, patron saint of drug addicts.'

Check out TypeCalendar (and Roberto's work):


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