Your Moment of Type Zen #1

Your Moment of Type Zen #1

I've got a lot on my mind these days (don't get me started), so to relieve some stress, I've decided to take some pictures... of type. Yep, I know -- there are lots of type blogs with amazing, obsessive collections. But are they sharing them with you, right here on GRIDS? I think not. So take a moment from your busy work day, and have a look at some tasty type. Maybe it'll inspire you; that's what I'm hoping for in my own case. These are from upstate New York, in the Ulster County area. Next up, Route 206 in New Jersey, right off the Turnpike. Enjoy.

upstate1.jpgThe HoeBowl? Really?

upstate3.jpgNice sign, but I'll pass on the whole Hungarian German thing.

upstate4.jpgMuch more my speed, and right on Route 28.

upstate2.jpgKingston, NY, frozen in time.

upstate5.jpgIn the Rochester area, though I was pretty much lost at this point.

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