Your Moment of Type Zen #2

Your Moment of Type Zen #2

I hope you enjoyed the first batch (or actually, even looked at them). I drive along Route 206 in New Jersey fairly regularly to visit my folks in Leisuretowne (yes, there really is such a place -- and it's a retirement community). There's some crazy-good stuff that I pass along the way, so I'm trying to get some pictures little by little before all those great signs disappear. If you're ever in the area, be sure to say hi to Lloyd and Nola.

Jersey1.JPGEveryone's a specialist these days.

Jersey3.jpgLooks more like a watermelon to me.

Jersey4.jpgLove this hand-painted sign.

Jersey2.jpgI eat here with my seniors.

Jersey5.jpgIllicit affairs a specialty.

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