Your Moment of Type Zen #3

Your Moment of Type Zen #3

I have a thing for portable signs. The letters are always kind of crunchy and the words are sometimes misspelled -- or just plain missing. And the copy itself is often priceless. I've always been drawn to this kind of rural roadside advertising, and am now kicking myself for all signs I've whizzed by over the years. So it's time to start pulling over and taking a few quick shots before I lose out on any more of these little gems.

Portable1.jpgNot sure about taking my car here.

Portable5.jpgOne Sunday, I'm doing it, I swear.

Portable3.jpgEveryone needs a wurst connection.

Portable4.jpgA fond memory from my Catholic school years.

Portable2.jpgNo appointment necessary.

  • Neil Jamieson

    When you drive through Delaware I noticed lots of really crunchy signage for "Tobacco, Peanuts, Fireworks and Ham"! All the staples to get you through a holiday with the in-laws!

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