Henry Leutwyler's Neverland Lost

Henry Leutwyler's Neverland Lost

You all know Henry Leutwyler from his celebrated Vogue, Vanity Fair, New York Times Magazine, and Esquire photos. Well, some of my new all-time favorite MICHAEL JACKSON images are on display at the Foley Gallery on West 28th Street in NYC www.foleygallery.com. I revealed my Michael Jackson scrapbooks (circa 1973) in an embarrassing post last year, so you can only imagine how much I now covet one of these photos...

Henry was granted unprecedented access to MJ's (I can call him that) personal items and pieces of his stage costumes--like THE GLOVE. His images are stark and strangely moving; you see well-worn clothing, complete with makeup stains, and learn that those famous sparkly socks were ordinary white tube socks bedazzled with rhinestones. I guess they weren't magical after all...

The show opened this past Thursday, so you only have till the April 2nd to make your pilgrimage. It's a moving peek into Michael Jackson's troubled world.

MJ Foley Gallery Invite.jpg

And while you're at it, pick up a copy of Henry's book, Neverland Lost: A Portrait of Michael Jackson. It'll make you smile... and maybe shed a little tear if you're an old school Michael fan like me.


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