Fast News for March 8, 2011

Fast News for March 8, 2011 SPD MEDIA MIX is our regular list of publication design, digital, and media news and updates. Please send your links and news items to SPD at and we'll add them to the Mix.

>> ebony.jpgMust Be Redesign Season: After last week's big unveiling--and yesterday's--today brings news of Ebony's "first cover-to-cover redesign since its introduction in 1945." New CD Darhill Crooks (former AD at Esquire) spent the winter working with new editor Amy DuBois Barnett on what they're calling a "top-to-bottom redesign." We hope to have a sneak preview in the coming days.

>> Typography Shout Out: Four fonts (HTF Didot, Gotham, Mercury and Retina) from our friends at Hoefler & Frere-Jones were added to the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art last month. "Type design is an essential dimension of the history of modern art and design," writes Senior Curator Paola Antonelli. "The best typefaces belong in MoMA's collection."

>> Conde Nast "Reexaming iPad Pricing": Despite the less-than-stellar results for digital magazines, the GQ and Vanity Fair iPad app prices are going up next month.

>> Haters Gonna Hate: Dirk Barnett talks about his redesign of Newsweek.

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  • Erik Spooner

    At the risk of sounding like a patter-on-the-back, I have to say that Dirk's comments to WWD yesterday were spot-effing-on. I've been kind of surprised by the negativity surrounding Newsweek's great redesign, and frankly, Tina and Dirk have done a stand up job on issue 1. It's issue 1. Great work, now let's see what they've got up their sleeve. So glad to see him address the haters head on. Hope it gets 'em to pipe the heck down.

    Can I get an amen?

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