Lynsey Addario's Photo Blog from Libya: "It's What I Do"

Lynsey Addario's Photo Blog from Libya: On March 16th, photographer Lynsey Addario and three other journalists on assignment in Libya for The New York Times were captured and held captive for five days. Over on the Times' Lens photo blog she has an extensive gallery of photos from her work during this period and some thoughts (different than the personal account reported earlier) about what it means for photographers, women especially, to continue working in war zones:
I will cover another war. I'm sure I will. It's what I do. It's important to show people what's happening. We have a unique access to what unfolds on the ground that helps our policymakers decide how to treat certain issues.
More on the Lens blog here.
(Photo above, Lynsey Addario for The New York Times.)

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