Sneak Peek: The New York Times Magazine's Redesign

Sneak Peek: The New York Times Magazine's Redesign

Here's a sneak peek of the upcoming The New York Times Magazine redesign which debuts this weekend. DD Arem Duplessis says that the redesign team looked back to move forward. Duplessis shares a little background on the project:

When Hugo Lindgren was announced as the editor of the magazine we knew he'd want change. This excited me because I felt like the design had moved too far away from the brand of the newspaper and this was the chance to get it right. Gail Bichler (Art Director of the magazine) and I divided the duties, she stayed on the weekly and lead the ship while I went upstairs to work on the redesign with Matt Willey, Caleb Bennett and Sara Cwynar. We used the newspaper and vintage magazine issues from the 50's, 60's and 70's as inspiration.

A look at a few pages...

The New York Times Magazine, March 6, 2011

In the debut issue, Editor Hugo Lindgren writes:
Every tiny aspect of the redesign represents a decision we debated, sweated over and second-guessed until we ran out of time and had to send it off to the printer. But what you see here is not a new formula. It's a beginning. Our aim is to make everything sharper, clearer, more alive and dynamic -- while not altering the foundation of the magazine.


Editor Hugo Lindgren continues:
We remade the table of contents, the letters page, the opening essay, the interview, The Ethicist and the food section. We revived a dormant feature called What They Were Thinking (below) because we wished it had never gone away. We invented a new photo essay called Look and a new critics' page called Riff.


Click here for a look back at their 2009 redesign.
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