When Algorithms Attack!

When Algorithms Attack!

People make mistakes, but did you know computer code can also make mistakes? Everything is moving so fast these days and nothing moves faster than the modern day news cycle. As we continue to employ technology to take over tasks living breathing humans used to do, such as matching the right photo to the proper headline, we shouldn't be surprised if a mistake gets made here and there. For your viewing pleasure I've managed to catch a few Attacks in action!

<<Disclaimer!>> I'd like to make clear that I have nothing but respect for those working on the properties I'm about to highlight in this post. My agenda in bringing this to SPD.org is merely to bring levity to your busy day, If I get a few of your to chuckle then mission accomplished.

First up is the News 360 app which if you haven't played with yet aggregates basically every news source on the planet into one navigatable app. There are times when they may have 95 versions of a given story available. I'm actually a big fan of this app and use it daily but lets be honest, their algorithm could use some tough love.


Even more established brands can become victims of an unruly algorithm as in the case of our old familiar friend AOL.


This last entry is not really an algorithm attacking so much as a strategic cheap shot. It's close enough to the spirit of this post anyway that I felt it could be included, proudly!

Have you caught any Algorithms Attacking your browser? Send your grabs into us at mail@spd.org and once we collect enough we'll make another post and even give you credit!

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