Magazine of the Year Finalists #2: GQ

Magazine of the Year Finalists #2: GQ This Friday, May 13, at the SPD Gala, we'll be announcing the winner of this year's Magazine of the Year. This week we'll be running previews of each finalist, building up to Friday's big celebration. Be sure to check in every day to see the best magazine design work of the past year, and be sure to follow the results as they're posted on Twitter in real time Friday night. Our Twitter feed is @SPDtweets.

The second of the five finalists for Magazine of the Year is GQ, design director: Fred Woodward.

(Above): GQ cover, June 2010.

002_A copy.jpgCover, August 2010.

002_J copy.jpgCover, August 2010.

002_B copy.jpgPhotograph by Terry Richardson.

002_C copy.jpgIllustration by Daniel Clowes.

002_E copy.jpgPhotograph by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin.

002_F copy.jpgJune 2010.

002_H copy.jpgPhotograph by Robert Maxwell.

002_I copy.jpgPhotograph by Ben Watts.

The GQ visuals crew:

Design Director: Fred Woodward
Art Director: Anton Ioukhnovets
Designers: Thomas Alberty, Chelsea Cardinal, Delgis Canahuate, Benjamin Bours, Joon Mo Kang
Director of Photography: Dora Somosi
Photo Editors: Justin O'Neill, Krista Prestek, Jolanta Bielat, Jesse Lee
Creative Director, Fashion: Jim Moore
Editor-In-Chief: Jim Nelson

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