SPD Gala: With Love, From the Photobooth

SPD Gala: With Love, From the Photobooth We know: you've been waiting a really, really long time for the photos from the Gala. Courtesy of our favorite Glenn Glasser, the smallest of previews after the jump, and the link to the full gallery...

Just a teaser of the more than 350 beautiful, funny and priceless photos in the gallery:

02 Gala Snaps Grab.png
03 Gala Snaps Grab_Teams.png
04 Gala Snaps Grab.png
05 Gala Snaps Grab.png
06 Gala Snaps Grab.png
07 Gala Snaps Grab.png


View them all, from first cocktail to they're-kicking-us-out-for-the-Afterparty, here.

  • Christy Sheppard

    So great, Glenn!!! Thanks for putting up with us.

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