SVA: Off Course Show

SVA: Off Course Show

Step away from your desk for an hour soon and get over to the School of Visual Arts (209 East 23rd Street). You have to see Kevin O'Callaghan's most recent MFA Designer as Author first-year show; OFF COURSE. I have to admit that I'm just a bit partial here, having taught this talented group of students last fall--but they really are a spectacular bunch. And they've created 18 holes of phobias (!!) that you can actually play through, so give make sure to take a long lunch...

(This one's for you, Ken DeLago, so make sure you get back into the city ASAP.)

Click on this:


game over.jpg

  • Nancy Stamatopoulos

    This is NuTz. A lunch hour won't be long enough to spend here. Sneaking out early to spend a coupla hours... (Editor's outta town, what would he know?)

  • Kory Kennedy

    TERRIFIC! Very well done and it looks like a lot of fun...I'm definitely gonna get a round in... Thanks Gail!

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