Fast News for June 14, 2011

Fast News for June 14, 2011 SPD MEDIA MIX is our regular list of publication design, digital, and media news and updates. Please send your links and news items to SPD at and we'll add them to the Mix.

>> What's Cooking at Conde: Condé Nast is spending upwards of $1 million to create a huge ventilation shaft for the publishers' cafeteria (about one story high and 25 feet wide) that will extend out of the north face of the new 1 WTC tower. Not everyone is happy about it, namely the Port Authority, who originally balked at Condé's special requests -- until Chairman S.I. Newhouse, Jr. threatened to walk away from the building. The concern is that other tenants may also begin requesting additional building modifications. "Hopefully, it won't evolve into multiple acne spots all over the building's façade," said one anonymous source.

>> Enquiring Minds for Sale? The New York Post has reported that National Enquirer/Shape/Star/Men's Fitness/Muscle & Fitness parent American Media Inc. "has been shopping itself in recent months". So far no takers, the paper says, though investor Apollo Management had expressed an interest that apparently cooled because of the "[weak] state of the publishing industry". (Apollo is the parent of CKX Relations, which owns the American Idol/So You Think You Can Dance TV series, among others].)

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