The Covers of the SF Weekly

The Covers of the SF Weekly Andrew Nilsen has been the art director of alternative newsweekly SF Weekly since January 2010. One of his SF Weekly covers won a gold medal at this year's SPD Gala for Best Illustrated Cover, with an illustration by Brian Stauffer. A lot of his covers are self-illustrated (he says about 40%), and like art directors at other altweeklies, he operates with little time, staff, or budget. Yet he's managed to produce an impressive body of work, corralling illustrators like Stauffer, Scott Bakal, and Luba Lukova to produce memorable imagery and powerful covers.

Here are 10 of our favorite SF Weekly covers.

See a full collection of Nilsen's SF Weekly covers here.

(Above): SPD Gold Medal Winner for Best Illustrated Cover: June 9, 2010. Illustration by Brian Stauffer.

November 17, 2010. Illustration by Andrew Nilsen.

November 3, 2010. Illustration by Scott Bakal.

March 16, 2011. Illustration by Luba Lukova.

September 22, 2010. Illustration by Andrew Nilsen.

March 30, 2011. Illustration by Dale Stephanos.

May 11, 2011. Illustration by Jason Crosy.

February 24, 2011. Illustration by Andrew Nilsen.

April 28, 2010. Illustration by Andrew Nilsen (with stock imagery).

July 28, 2010. Photograph by Josh Edelson.

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  • Alexander Flores

    Andrew makes my job more and more challenging every week. You KILL, my man.

  • Andrew Nilsen

    Hey thanks yall. I appreciate the kind words. Happy to know that my work inspires others because I draw my inspiration from from all you amazing art directors, illustrators and photographers out there. How about you keep it up so I can too!

  • Lucky 11 Studios

    I second Thomas. Andrew has been absolutely killing it there in SF. Keep up the inspiring work dude!

  • Thomas James

    Great feature. Always nice to see an Art Director who takes the reigns of Illustration from time to time. Alternative weeklies like SF Weekly, The Stranger, The Portland Mercury, and others always offer a fresh and unique perspective, especially in terms of cover art. Thanks for posting.


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