The Guardian's G2 Section Covers

The Guardian's G2 Section Covers G2 is the daily (Monday-Friday) features section of the Guardian newspaper, based in London. It was the launching pad for Richard Turley, now the creative director at Bloomberg Businessweek. His successor, Joanna Cochrane, has been continuing the marvelous graphic tradition of the section's covers. Most of their covers are done in a day, on a limited budget, and are brilliant visual solutions, smart, funny, engaging, and graphic. Cochrane is an art department of one, and creates a lot of the imagery herself, turning out state-of-the-art cover design, every day. We love it!

Here's Joanna Cochrane's description of her cover design process: "I usually don't get more than a few hours to decide on a solution for the cover. We have an editorial meeting at midday. Prior to that I don't know what the content that day will be. All the covers are turned around in a matter of hours. I discuss concept ideas with my editor, then execute the strongest one. Often there's a complete rethink to react to news at 4pm, and we go to press at 6.30. I use our imaging department or Steve Caplin if I need any retouching or manipulation done, and work to a strict budget, with an occasional illustration commission."

(Above): February 4, 2011. Photo illustration by Sarah Plane / Guardian Imaging.

cropcircles.gifJune 5, 2009. Photo illustration by Steve Caplin.

agatha.gifOctober 1, 2010. Illustration by Mark Thomas.

lines.gifMarch 25, 2009. Illustration by Joanna Cochrane.

retro.gifJune 2, 2011. Design by Joanna Cochrane.

memory.gifApril 14, 2011. Design by Joanna Cochrane.

school.gifAugust 17, 2010. Photo illustration by Guardian Imaging.

food.gifSeptember 21, 2010. Photo illustration by Sarah Plane and David McCoy for Guardian Imaging.

g2tracks.gifApril 8, 2011. Photo illustration by Steve Caplin.

moore.gifOctober 28, 2010.

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