AIGA/NY + Karel Martens: A Don't Miss Event

AIGA/NY + Karel Martens: A Don't Miss Event Wednesday, September 7th, AIGA/NY will be hosting a special evening with Karel Martens, the cofounder of Werkplaats Typografie and prolific designer; this is a rare appearance in New York, and a stellar shot of excitement to get you out of any back-from-Labor-Day-holiday slump. From AIGA/NY's site announcing the event:
Martens has been practicing for fifty years and continues to create forward-looking and technologically ground-breaking work that is comfortable in the current moment but not consumed by it. He is a highly influential book designer but considers himself more broadly a "designer of the printed word." But he's really a designer of language, even abstract and photographic language. His work extends with equal innovation and clarity of communication across almost all imaginable media, from coins and postage stamps to monoprints to ASCII art to experimental video to electric signs to textiles to building facades.
More info about Martens' work and RSVPing after the jump...

ABOVE: covers for Printed Matter (left) and Wonder Years (right)

Martens' work with Werkplaats Typografie has been collected in two volumes many designers lust after: Printed Matter, now in its third edition and subject of many a Flickr-feed featuring the spreads and essays that make up the retrospective of Martens' work since the 60s, and Wonder Years: Werkplaats Typografie, a comprehensive scrapbook-style collection of the work done by Werkplaats Typografie since its founding. If you don't have both these books already, think about adding them to your collection now; Martens' ability to turn limitations and obstacles into solutions is inspiring.

Get all the information about the event and RSVP at AIGA/NY's site here.
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